Firearm Licensing

How do I obtain a firearm license?

To obtain a FIREARMS LICENSE from the AMHERST POLICE DEPARTMENT, you must be a legal resident of the TOWN Of AMHERST MASSACHUSETTS. Your driver’s license and vehicle registration must show an AMHERST address. You may be asked to show those documents at the time of your interview. The AMHERST POLICE DEPARTMENT issues the following firearms licensing types LICENSE Types:

CLASS A- License to Carry
CLASS C- Firearms Identification Card
CLASS D- Restricted FID, Mace/Pepper Spray (required for persons under 18 only)
Persons 18 or older do not need a FID for mace/pepper spray

Every applicant will be interviewed by the Chief of Police or their designee, to include new and renewal Applicants. The Amherst Police Department holds interviews by appointment only. Applicants may call the Police Department to schedule an appointment by calling 413-259-3008 and asking to speak with the Station Officer.

Applicants should bring the following with them at the time of interview:
  1. The completed application and their existing license. You may download the application here.Proof of payment of the Firearms License fee, this fee is to be paid at the Central Services Counter of the Town Hall. The following fees are set by the state : Class A & C are $100.00 for new and renewal , licensed for 6 years. Class D is $25.00 for new and renewed for free , also for 6 years. Note: Those persons that are 70 years of age are not required to pay the license fee.
  2. New applicants are required to bring 1 passport sized picture, front face only, for all licenses.
  3. New applicants are required to provide a copy of a certificate of completion
    from a state approved basic firearms safety course.
  4. New applicants for Class C & Class D Licenses whom are 15-18 yoa must
    provide a signed Parental Permission Waiver and a parent or guardian will be
    expected to attend the interview. Note: On July 11, 2011, the fee for FID applicants under the age of 18 was reduced from $100 to $25.
ALL APPLICANTS ARE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK UPON SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION AND PAYMENT OF FEE. Please Note: If a criminal record is found after you have signed the application indicating otherwise, your fee WILL BE FORFEITED, and you CANNOT OBTAIN A LICENSE.

Any person with questions regarding the town of Amherst licensing procedures may call 413-259-3008 and ask to speak with Sgt. Jesus Arocho.

Any person with questions regarding the Commonweath of Massachusetts Firearms Licensing Laws or requirements may call the Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4780, they may also visit the Firearms Records Bureau website to access Applications, Change of Address and Review Board forms. The Firearms Records Bureau website has a frequently ask questions link.

Any person with questions regarding their previous criminal history may request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS). Visit the DCJIS website for forms and instructions for fee payment for the record search. Note: The Amherst Police Department does a search of this information as part of its background check of all applicants, you are not required to submit any record from CHSB with your application. The information for CHSB is provided for the use of any person that wishes to check their own history prior to making application as some convictions of certain criminal acts will disqualify you from being a suitable licensee. The list of disqualifiers is available from the FRB website, as is the procedure for application to the review board.