Vehicle Sticker Access Program

Vehicle Sticker Access

To access the Amherst Transfer Station and Recycling Center, residents must purchase an annual Vehicle Sticker. The Vehicle Sticker fee contributes to the costs of transporting recycling and waste and the many Transfer Station services.

Residential Stickers

Residential Vehicle Stickers are $125 per vehicle. These Stickers are for all Amherst, Pelham, and Shutesbury residents who bring only their personal household waste and recycling to the Station. Several exemptions to the residential sticker requirement exist (see below). Residential sticker holders may not use a business check for any transaction.

Commercial Stickers

Commercial Use Vehicle Stickers are $140 per vehicle. These Stickers are for contractors, landlords, and other business / entrepreneurial situations. High-volume commercial Sticker owners are given the opportunity to maintain a Transfer Station charge account.


Vehicle Stickers may be purchased at the Transfer Station beginning July 1, 2022. Your current sticker is valid until July 31, 2022.


Attach the Sticker to the back of your inside rear-view mirror so that it faces front. It must be attached, not dangling from the mirror or loose on the dashboard.


  • The Vehicle Sticker is for use only by members of your household
  • Each Sticker is issued to a single vehicle. If more than 1 household vehicle is used for hauling, a second Sticker must be purchased
  • Misuse of the Sticker will result in its revocation
  • Lost Stickers may be replaced for a small fee
  • Providing your 4 digit sticker number upon fee payment in the Transfer Station office will speed up all transactions

​Vehicle Sticker Requirement Exceptions


The following services are available to Amherst,Pelham and Shutesbury residents and businesses without the purchase of a Vehicle Sticker*.  Vehicle Sticker ownership is required for all other Transfer Station services.
Christmas Tree Recycling
Purchase and drop-off of safe needle disposal (AKA "Sharps") containers
Purchase of composters and recycling bins
Entry to Hazardous Household Waste Collection events
Disposal of small amounts of street sand

* Umass, Hampshire and Amherst College students (with a valid student I.D.) may obtain limited access without purchasing a sticker.
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