FIRM Revision Project - 2022 Update

The Town of Amherst has hired AECOM to revise Amherst's Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). The goal of this project is to produce and officially certify with FEMA a greatly improved FIRM, providing property owners with a more fair representation of flood probability. 

The mapping has now been completed and the town has received copies of the Preliminary maps for review and comment.  This multi-year effort is now being made available for public scrutiny.

Resources below include the Press Release, Flood Insurance Study, and Preliminary maps which are accessible by clicking on the appropriate map tile:

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps can be viewed online at the FEMA Flood Map Service Center, or downloaded from here: 

AreaFEMA IDMapEffective Date
North Amherst2501560005C
Download Map
South Amherst
Download Map


  • Pending FIRM Maps: A set of 10 detailed draft FIRM tiled maps. When you click on a map tile, it will launch the map from FEMA's website.
  • Interactive Comparison Map: Compare the 1983 FEMA Flood Zone boundaries to those of the Pending Flood Zone boundaries.