Get Involved

How can you get Involved and Support Amherst Farming
  • Join a CSA (community supported agriculture) in Amherst.
  • Buy at Amherst farm stands and farmer’s markets.
  • Look for Amherst produce at local grocery stores (like Stop&Shop, Big Y, and Wholefoods), and if it isn’t there, ask for it!
  • Support local farm camps for children.
  • Attend an Agricultural Commission meeting.
  • Volunteer to help with a harvest at your local farm.
  • Slow down for a tractor on the road.
  • Support zoning and other regulations that promote Amherst farming.
  • Make a financial contribution to The Kestrel Trust to help preserve Amherst’s remaining farmland. This Amherst based non-profit land trust, founded in 1970; uses private contributions to leverage state funding to acquire Agricultural Preservation Restrictions (APRs) on farmland at fair market value. This leaves the land intact for a farmer to own and use for agriculture in perpetuity.
  • If you own a farm, consider donating or selling your development rights by placing an APR on the property to maintain the land in farming for you and future generations to use.