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Due to COVID-19, the Conservation Commission will be holding all meetings virtually until further notice.

Meetings will be held through the Zoom application.  Links and call-in information for joining meetings can be found in the "Most Recent Agenda" link. Conservation Commission submissions/applications, please visit the "Current Applications" link.

Until further notice please use the Temporary Abutter Notification form, directing abutters to the "Current Application" link to view permit filings on line.

Need help finding a consultant to assist you with a wetland permit? Here is a link to our Consultant List

The Conservation Department is always looking for volunteers and interns.  If you are interested in volunteering or doing an internship, please reach out to Erin Jacque, Wetlands Administrator at 413-259-3202 or

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Conservation Commissions' Legislative Authority

In Massachusetts, conservation commissions' authority comes from several sources: the Conservation Commission Act (MGL Chapter 40 section 8C) for open space protection; the Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Chapter 131 section 40) for protecting wetlands and waterways (commissions have real power - they issue the permits); and the home rule provisions of the state constitution for non-zoning wetlands bylaws. All state statutes can be found in the Massachusetts General Laws by clicking here. You can learn more at the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions by clicking here. 

In Amherst, the Conservation Commission is a seven-member board appointed by the Town Manager and charged with ensuring the protection of the Town's natural resources and conservation areas. The Commission is responsible for administering and enforcing both the state Wetlands Protection Act and the Town of Amherst Wetlands Protection Bylaw which involves reviewing and permitting projects within their jurisdiction, this includes: wetlands, waterbodies, floodplains, riverfront, and buffer zones. The Commission also works closely with the Conservation Department on management of conservation land, including over 80 miles of trails, and establishing environmental policy such as updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Committee Members 

Members are appointed by the Town Manager: 7 members / 3-year terms.

Committee Member NameYear Appointed Term Expires 
Vacancy (1)

Jason Dorney20232026
Andrey Guidera 20222024
Alexander Hoar20222025
Michelle Labbe20212024
 Laura Pagliarulo20192025
Bruce Stedman20232026