Public Safety Communications Center
The Amherst Public Safety Communications Center was established in 1990. Staffed by a minimum of 2 dispatchers at all times, it operates as a consolidated Communications Center for police, fire and emergency medical call managing.
111 Main Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Ph: 413-259-3000
Fx: 413-256-4056

Emergency Dispatchers must successfully complete a 12-week training program, are cross-trained and certified in a minimum of 8 basic functional areas: call-taking (both emergency and informational,) management of the 911 phone system, multi-channel Radio Console operation, CJIS computer operations, Emergency Medical Dispatching (which requires certification in CPR as well,) Computer Aided Dispatch programs.


  • Emergency/911 Call Answering
  • Combined Dispatch for Police, Fire and EMS
  • Public Safety Radio System Coordination
  • Telephone Switchboard for Police, Fire and EMS
  • Provide Emergency Medical Instructions
  • Fire Alarm Center – over 1400 responses
  • Town Building Security Alarm Monitoring
  • Public Safety Computerized Record Coordination
  • Provide CJIS support for Amherst Police
  • Dispatch the animal welfare officer and parking enforcement
  • Maintain reference information for all town locations, business (and bank) employees, apartment complex tenant lists and the like
  • Provide many other services for the town, and its 2 large "user" agencies (the police and fire departments) as well as EMS for a number of surrounding communities
  • Serve as one of two statewide Hazmat Dispatch Center.
  • All communication center personnel are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch protocol and this service is provided to the town of Hadley


  • Emergency Dispatch Supervisor Michael Curtin
  • Lead Emergency Dispatcher Jason Rushford
  • Emergency Dispatcher Brad Worthley
  • Emergency Dispatcher Elizabeth Chudzik
  • Emergency Dispatcher Joshua Cicia
  • Emergency Dispatcher Stephanie Everett
  • Emergency Dispatcher Simone Ascher
  • Emergency Dispatcher Mariah Anthony
  • Emergency Dispatcher Jailene Lynch
  • Emergency Dispatcher Hannah Sweet
  • Emergency Dispatcher Raymond Torres