Solar Signs & Chargers

The Town of Amherst brought Soofa solar powered information signs and chargers to Downtown Amherst as part of a pilot project in December of 2020. 

The Town of Amherst is helping to bridge the digital divide by bringing Soofa Signs and charging cores to Amherst’s downtown. The signs will communicate COVID-19 updates, public health guidelines, Town updates, and local business offerings. The solar-powered charging cores will provide outdoor 24-hour access for people to charge their devices such as cell phones and laptop computers,all the user needs is a USB cord for their specific device.

Amherst is the first town in Western Massachusetts to incorporate Soofa Signs & Chargers into its municipal infrastructure and is the twelfth municipality in the state of Massachusetts to adopt the use of this technology.   

Three solar-powered signs will be placed strategically throughout its downtown area, breaking down barriers of access to technology by displaying up-to-the-minute information and emergency updates in high-traffic areas. In addition to Town municipal updates, COVID-19 announcements, community resources, and opportunities to support local businesses, the signs will contribute to Amherst’s larger wayfinding initiative throughout the Town. The sign’s external skin - a full-color sticker affixed to the back of each sign - is carefully designed to match Amherst’s upcoming wayfinding package, complementing the colors and design specs of the Town’s signage.

If you have questions about the signs or chargers, please contact Brianna Sunryd at