Meet Your Town Council

Mandi Jo Hanneke, At-Large

Councilor Hanneke Photo

Andrew J. Steinberg, At-Large

Councilor Steinberg Photo

Ellisha Walker, At-Large

Councilor Walker Photo

Michele Miller, District 1

Councilor Miller Photo

Cathy A. Schoen, District 1

Councilor Schoen Photo

Patricia C. De Angelis, District 2

Councilor De Angelis Photo

Lynn Griesemer, District 2

councilor Griesemer Photo

Dorothy S. Pam, District 3

Pam_Dorothy Headshot for web

Jennifer Taub, District 3

Councilor Taub Photo

Anika Lopes, District 4

Councilor Lopes Photo

Pamela Rooney, District 4

Councilor Rooney Photo

Shalini Bahl-Milne, District 5

Councilor Bahl Milne Photo


Phone: (413) 259-3001

Town Council Directory

Clerk of the Council

Athena O'Keeffe

Office: (413) 259-3209

Ana Devlin-Gauthier, District 5

Councilor Devlin Gauthier Photo


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