Amherst United Swim Team  

Fall 2023 Registration is Here

We'd like to welcome new and returning swimmers to our Introductions & Assessment Day on Thursday, September 14th. To hold a spot on the team and RSVP for the assessment day, please register here.

All middle school and high school age swimmers will be in the Maroon practice group. Practices will be held on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the ARMS pool.

All elementary school swimmers will be organized into one or two Gold groups, depending on demand. The Gold practice schedule will be settled following the assessment day on September 14th. 

Swimmers interested in participating in both Rec and USA swimming will have multiple practice options to provide as much scheduling flexibility and will be sorted into the Teal practice group.

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Philosophy & Mission

The Amherst United Swim Team is a competitive swim program for swimmers from elementary grades through high school in the Amherst, Massachusetts area. The mission of the program is to provide swimmers with the tools necessary to find a life-long love of an individual sport in a team environment. We believe our team will instill personal qualities of achieving goals through passion, hard work and dedication. 

Participation in Amherst Rec swimming can be a stand-alone experience for your swimmers or in addition to their USA Swimming and High School training with their other teams. The intention for Rec swimming is to provide a technique driven practice environment for school age youth with local competition in a dual meet format. The focus will be on team-oriented fun! We look forward to welcoming and working with swimmers with a range of experiences and goals: from brand new swimmers looking to try a new sport, to multi-sport athletes looking to cross-train over the spring/summer, to athletes wanting to stay in shape and work on technique ahead of the HS season. Rec swimming can foster a life-long love for the sport, and it is a building block for strong high school swimming programs in the area and for USA swimming overall. 

Coach-Athlete-Parent Alignment

At the heart of Amherst United's philosophy is the intention for our coaches, athletes and parents/caregivers align together in our efforts to help our swimmers find meaning and enjoyment in the activity of swimming. This requires strong communication between coaches, athletes and parents. It helps when there is a focus on the fun and an eye to our priority which is our swimmers' mental health and well-being.

Explore the groups here.  For registration information, click here.

Amherst United Swimmer Handbook coming soon.