Building Permit Applications

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Click here to apply easily online for permits and licenses from our new online portal. If you would like to download and print an application for submittal, please continue below. 

  1. Building Applications
  2. Fire Department Plan Review
  3. Sheet Metal Applications
  4. Woodstove Application
  1. Electrical Applications
  2. Gas Application
  3. Plumbing Application
  4. Workers' Compensation
The Inspectional Services Department requires all applications be complete prior to acceptance. Any incomplete application will be returned.


Complete Applications Will Include:

   1. A legible application form completely filled out in ink or type
    2. Address and Assessor's map and parcel numbers must be provided
    3. Include a complete and accurate description of work to be performed
    4. Complete project value (excluding tents)
    5. Correct current owner of property (provide copy of deed if recently purchased or new construction)
    6. Original signature of owner (faxed signatures and contracts not accepted)
    7. Current construction supervisor license (CSL) when applicable
    8. Current home improvement contractor registration (HIC)
    9. Original signature(s) of contractor(s) or authorized signatories
  10. Worker's Compensation Affidavit (original signature required) with current Worker's Comp Insurance Certificate
  11. Liability and Worker's Comp Insurance Certificate with current policy information and expiration dates for all 
        Electric, Gas and Plumbing applications
  12. Full and correct permit fee. (when calculating your fee, please round up to the nearest dollar value)
  13. Email address for contractor and property owner provided when applicable
  14. Certified plot plans (see the Amherst Plot Plan Checklist for details)
  15. Other documents required by project type

Digital Plan Submission Guidelines effective October 29, 2012

1. When plans are required, one hard copy and one digital version in PDF format must be submitted. Both the hard copy and PDF shall include an original or electronic stamp of the professional designer. Additionally, all site related plans (certified plot plans, septic designs, site layout, as-built plans, etc.) shall be submitted in DWG or DXF format, compatible with AutoCAD 2013 or earlier.  In cases where the plan was not originally produced using CADD or other electronic drawing program, a plan scanned at not less than 200 dpi shall be submitted in PDF format.

2. Drawing layers shall be documented in an accompanying file listing layer names with a description of each layer. Preferred format for this file is MS Excel (xls), csv or text file with one column for the layer name and one column for the layer description.

3. Plans depicting geographic features (i.e. subdivision, site or utility system plans) shall use the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate system, NAD83, units in Feet. Preferably, but not required, include any known coordinates of ties, property boundaries or other features.

4. Plans shall be submitted at time of application by thumb drive, CD or email to
Include type of permit (Gas, Plumbing, Electrical or Building) and the project/site address in the subject line of your email.
(Example: Building Permit Plans - 4 Boltwood Avenue)
Printable document:  Digital Plans and Building Permit Application Submission Requirements (PDF)