About Amherst Online Property Information

The Town of Amherst has provided online public access to detailed property records since 2002. Property owners were provided the ability to opt-out of having their property records shown on this system. In 2006 the Town launched Amherst Maps, which effectively replaced the online assessors database. Amherst Maps provides interactive mapping capabilities and access to property records.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of information is available on Amherst Maps?
Amherst Maps provides interactive maps and property record information that includes the Total Assessment, Sales History, Permit history and a link to a Property Record Card. The entry point of the system is via a Property Search page that provides the ability to search by Address, Owner and/or Parcel ID. A search result list provides Parcel ID, Address, a link to the property card, use description and recent assessments.

What is a Property Record Card?
Click Here for a Sample Property Record Card (PDF - 455KB)

For the purpose of fair and equitable property tax assessment, a property record card is maintained for each property in Amherst. The property record card includes all information specific to that property that help to determine the tax assessment. This information includes Owner Names; Addresses; Parcel ID; Sale History; Assessment History; Permit/Improvements History; Structural Style, Condition & Features; Land Area & Use; Structural Area & Use; and a Cost/Market Valuation Analysis. Also included are building sketches that are solely used for the purpose measuring square footage of each type of structural use (for example, the typical residential building sketch includes measurements of living space, porches/decks, unfinished space/basements & garage space). Building sketches do not include details such as interior walls, room layouts, windows or doors. Some property record cards also include 1 or more building photos, which are primarily for the purpose of visually comparing similar properties. email the Assessors with questions about property record cards.

What is an "Opt-Out" from the Amherst Maps interface?
Property Owners may choose to "opt-out" of having their Property Record Card available via Amherst Maps. An opted-out property will still show up on the map, but the Property Record Card will not be available. An "opted-out" property remains opted out for the duration of the current ownership. Information for properties that have been "opted-out" remains public information and will still be available at the Amherst Town Hall.

Can I opt-out of having my Property Record Card available via Amherst Maps?
Any property owner may opt out 1 or more of their properties. Call 413-259-3024 to request to have a property opted out.