MA Community Web Database Survey

The Town of Amherst GIS Staff has conducted an informal survey in order to quantify the prevalence of online assessment and mapping resources made available by communities around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This survey was conducted as Amherst is developing a web GIS and grappling with the issue of how much information to reveal once this system goes live. While tax assessment information and maps maintained by communities are public information, there are varying opinions about the how much of this information should be freely available online.

Results are from a combination of information sources, including emailed survey responses to questions posted to various GIS and tax assessment email lists; links from the MassGIS website; online databases hosted by major CAMA vendors; information provided by GIS consultants; and independent web research. The results, which include a total of 160 communities with some form of online assessment and/or GIS information, is not necessarily complete, and we welcome any additional information.
Online Database Type
% Statewide
Communities with Online Property Assessment Data 113 32%
Communities with Online GIS and Property Assessment Data 47 13%
Total 160 45%
Owner Name Display
% of Online Systems
Searchable by Owner Name 114 71%
Owner Names Displayed with Data 118 74%