Hunting on Amherst Conservation Land

  • Hunting is only permitted in the following Town of Amherst conservation areas:

  • Ÿ  Lawrence Swamp (map)

    Ÿ  Holyoke Range (map)

    Ÿ  Atkins Flats:  east of brook only (map)

    Ÿ  Simmons Farm (map)

    Ÿ  Eastman Brook (map)

    Ÿ  Katherine Cole (map)

    Ÿ  Podick (map)

    Ÿ  Houston/Gage: located in Shutesbury (map)


  • All other Town of Amherst conservation areas are closed to hunting.


    Click here to view the dates for hunting seasons in Massachusetts.


    Hunting Regulations

    The following does not constitute a full summary.  Please visit the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife (MassWidlife) website for more information.


    Ÿ  Under state law, hunting is prohibited on Sundays.

    Ÿ  Hunting in Amherst is prohibited within 150 feet of any paved road or the Norwottuck Rail Trail.

    Ÿ  Discharging a firearm or releasing an arrow in Amherst is prohibited within 500 feet of any dwelling or building in use.  (MGL Ch. 131, Sec. 58).

    Ÿ  Hunters may lawfully travel upon the Norwottuck Rail Trail and conservation trails in non-hunting conservation areas in order to gain access to or return from other public or private huntable lands, but during such travel, firearms or bows shall be kept unloaded in accordance with state law at all times.

    Ÿ  Interfering with legal hunting activity is against the law.  “No person shall obstruct, interfere with, or otherwise prevent the lawful taking of fish or wildlife by another....”

    Ÿ  Click here to view MassWildlife’s Migratory Bird Hunting regulations.