How can I get in touch with CRESS?

You can reach the department on our office phone line, 413.259.3370. You can also reach us through the town dispatch system, which can either be reached through their main line at 413.259.3000, or by dialing 911. Or feel free to drop by the office at the Bangs Community Center, 70 Boltwood Walk, 2nd floor. Be sure to take the elevator up!

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1. How can I get in touch with CRESS?
2. What types of calls will CRESS respond to?
3. How does CRESS deploy?
4. How many CRESS Responders are there?
5. Why isn't CRESS 24 hours?
6. Where does CRESS operate?
7. How do CRESS Responders stay safe while deployed?
8. Why is the uniform grey?
9. Where does CRESS get its funding from?
10. What is CRESS’s relationship with Amherst Police and Amherst Fire?
11. What type of training do CRESS Responders receive?
12. Are there other programs like this elsewhere?